Updated Monday, August 19, 2013


EDITOR’S NOTE:  Today is the 58th anniversary of the 1955 flood.  Water volume recorded in the Housatonic and Still rivers at that time equaled between 50 and 480 times the amount recorded today.  Other rivers on this list were not measured in 1955.


Current River Streamflow Data for Northwestern Connecticut:

Streamflow is determined by the amount of water discharge in cubic feet per second (CFS) at a given measurement point in the river at a given point in time.   The figures below were recorded around 6 a.m. on today’s date.

SITE                                                   CFS Median               TODAY

(River & Place)                               (on this date)               (Aug. 19)       

Housatonic – Falls Village                    306                           381

Housatonic – Gaylordsville                  463                           735 

Naugatuck – Thomaston                       34                              61

Shepaug – Washington                         20                              38

Still – Colebrook                                     29                              51

Weekeepeemee – Woodbury                 5                                 7

 Source: Real-time data from the United States Geological Survey